[Mimedefang] Autoresponse to old domain

Shawn Button sbutton at dtjboulder.com
Thu Apr 3 12:14:00 EST 2003

Hmmm...I am not familiar with this...we do not have any aliases set up
since technically we are not doing true virtual domains...the same users
just receive mail from both domains...

Can you point me to a white paper or a man page please?

Thank you kindly.


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	This is best due by Sendmail using .REDIRECT in the aliases


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 Sendmail 8.12.8 (patched) latest mimedefang and spam assassin...

We recently changed our company and thus e-mail domain name. Our server
is now set up to receive mail for both domains (ie old.domain.com and
new.domain.com). Is there a way to set up an auto responder that
whenever a mail is sent to old.domain.com it is delivered but a response
is sent to the sender stating something like, "thanks for contacting
old.domain.com. Your message has been delivered but please note our new
e-mail domain is new.domain.com."

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