[Mimedefang] Two questions

John Oliver joliver at john-oliver.net
Tue Apr 1 16:29:00 EST 2003

System is Red Hat 6.2  I've followed the HOWTO to get MIMEDefang

1) I copied the init script in the redhat/ directory.  It gets me this:

[root at mail mimedefang-2.31]# service mimedefang start
Starting mimedefang: /etc/rc.d/init.d/mimedefang: test: integer
expression expected before -gt
WARNING: Use of mimedefang without the -m option is deprecated.
Support for non-multiplexor operation will be removed in a future
ERROR: You must not run mimedefang as root.
Use the -U option to set a non-root user.

I've looked in that script but aren't sure what line(s) I need to edit
to add those options.

2) Knowing next to nothing about perl and not seeing a clear explanation
in the HOWTO... how exactly do I tell mimedefang to act on certain
attachments?  I've got the list of "evil" attachments... I want to make
those go away, and other attachments (like .exe) I want to bounce to the
sender with a message about how to properly submit those.

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