[Mimedefang] changes to md_log subroutine

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Tue Apr 1 05:28:00 EST 2003


 just thought i'd share this with the list.

after applying the patch to mimedefang.pl to implement to new features of
me_log_enable() and md_log() i was starting to notice something *I* thought
was strange in my graphdefang graphs.

user 'rcpt=2' was getting a decent amount of mail.  (although I had no idea
who that actually was).

I've modified one line in mimedefang.pl to make it a little bit more "user
friendly" in my opinion.

i'm not an Uber programmer, so i'm not sure how to submit a diff patch, but
here's the line in the md_log() function of mimedefang.pl:

I changed:
        my $lcrecipient = "rcpts=" . scalar(@Recipients);

        my $lcrecipient = "$Recipients[0], rcpts=" . scalar(@Recipients);

I think this is more appropriate as then graphdefang will show the 1st (of
$#Recipients) as the recipient and then append a field with the number of
recipients. (which will probably be less confusing in the long run)

I'm not entirely sure how this will effect graphdefang, if at all, but I
figured i'd share it.  If it's something that you feel would be a worthy
addition to the release code (or possibly a patch), i'd rather have it
included with the distribution than to have a custom-hacked mimedefang.pl
that's gonna get clobbered when I eventually upgrade.

any thoughts/comments/suggestions welcome



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