[Mimedefang] deleting headers?

Stephane Lentz Stephane.Lentz at ansf.alcatel.fr
Sun Sep 8 04:53:01 EDT 2002

Hi Tony, 

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 05:53:16PM +1000, Tony Nugent wrote:
> It is possible to add or change headers, but how do you remove them?
> (I've been asked to remove any disposition-notification-to headers
> from outgoing emails).

=> Really. Is that really usefull ?  

> Unless calling action_change_headers() with an empty $msg string
> actually removes the header (rather than having blank field
> content), is there currently any way to do this?

=> Look like the only way because of the way Milter is defined.
Looking at the Milter C API, the only way to remove header 
is to call smfi_chgheader and provides a NULL value for

In future MIMEDefang versions it could be mentionned in 
the mimedefang.pl.in file :

# %PROCEDURE: action_change_header
#  header -- header name (eg: X-My-Header)
#  value -- header value (eg: any text goes here)
#  Nothing
#  Makes a note for milter to change a header in the message.
#  To delete a header, provide an empy header value

mimedefang.pl.in could include some new PROCEDURE action_delete_header
to make it clear that does it but I don't know if it is worth adding it ...
David, what's your opinion ?


Stephane Lentz / Alcanet International - Internet Services

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