[Mimedefang] SpamAssassin 2.40

Jeff Grossman jeff at stikman.com
Tue Sep 3 12:13:01 EDT 2002

on 9/3/02 8:14 AM, Rich West at Rich.West at wesmo.com wrote:

> Just an FYI for the list, according to
> http://www.spamassassin.org/downloads.html, they list version 2.40 as
> the "Latest bleeding-edge code", followed by a note which reads "these
> are built nightly from CVS.  They may be unstable!"
> That tells me that they are trying to say it's not ready for a
> production environment just yet. :)

They have not updated the webpage yet.  Here is a copy of the e-mail sent
out on Sunday:

http://spamassassin.org/released/ :

  508284 Sep  2 18:27 Mail-SpamAssassin-2.40.tar.gz
  561425 Sep  2 18:27 Mail-SpamAssassin-2.40.zip

The #1 big change:

- SpamAssassin now *REQUIRES* procmail for local delivery support; "-P"
  option is now the default.  Unless you use procmail, Mail::Audit, KMail,
  or an MTA-level integration, do not upgrade blindly, your mail *WILL*
  spill all over the floor in a big mess.

Rest of the summarised change log:

  - Razor v2 now supported fully

  - Auto-whitelist is now much harder to spoof, so spams with from=to
    are caught properly.

  - removed From mbox separator, -F flag, -P flag, and delivery support

  - rules files are all now versioned, so mismatches between rules and
    SpamAssassin libraries are now spotted and warned about

  - non-root users installing SpamAssassin now much better supported

  - added meta tests: allows multiple tests etc. to be run in 1 rule

  - significant speed increases, mostly from Matt Sergeant and Dan Quinlan

  - added HTML::Parser module requirement

  - Added Pyzor support: thanks to Bobby Rose <brose at med.wayne.edu>

  - Added Habeas support

  - Added IronPort bonded sender support

  - SQL now uses @GLOBAL fake-username instead of GLOBAL for global

  - false matches in ISO-2022-JP charset now avoided (in most places ;)

  - contrib/spamcheck.py: made spamcheck.py use exit code 75 if it cannot
    connect to spamd (patch from ckd-spamassassin at ckdhr.com, Christopher

  - spamproxyd now removed from distro; problems reported, better as a
    separate download

  - "--lint" switch added to test for configuration file syntax problems

  - we now distribute hit rates at various thresholds in
    "rules/STATISTICS.txt" file

  - removed system() calls from Dns.pm, no longer required, and may help
    with zombie-process bugs

  - user can now specify network ranges for spamd -A option: patch from
    Steve Keay

  - libspamc.so: shared-library version of spamc, from Liam Widdowson
    <liam at inodes.org>

  - hide Razor debug messages from senders

  - updated spec file; SpamAssassin RPMs are now built as 3 separate ones:
    perl-Mail-SpamAssassin (modules), spamassassin (scripts),
    spamassassin-tools (mass-check et al).  Thanks to the PLD Linux distro
    for these spec files.

  - "spamc" is now built using autoconf, which should help portability

  - bugs in whitelist_to, all_spam_to and friends fixed

  - rules which were causing too many false-positives removed or fixed:
    many others

  - lots of rule fixes, and lots of new rules

  - removed Time::Hires module requirement


Jeff Grossman (jeff at grossman.name)

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