[Mimedefang] Resending Message & AVP/KAV

Papp Rudolf peer at different.hu
Thu May 16 04:27:11 EDT 2002


I have 2 q.
When I resend a message, the sendmail looping (Debian Woody, sendmail 
8.12.3, mimedefang 2.11).
In manpage I was read, that not using resend sub in filter, rather in 
filter_begin, or _end, so I placed this small code to filter_end, but 
it's still looping.

What's wrong?
The configuration file from original code, that copied by install, I 
write only the changes here.
sub filter (

    if (re_match($entity, '\.(avi|mp.*)')) {
	return action_drop_with_warning("video attachment removed\n");

sub filter_end {
     if ($resend) {

My second problem; the configure script is not able to find my Kaspersky 
antivir. I think the old name was AVP, the new is KAV, bit it's in 
/opt/AVP directory. I don't know what changed in program. The binaries 
name start with kav.

Thank you for your answers!
(p.s: I think mimedefang's is a very nice filter program!)


Papp Rudolf
SysAdm of Different ISP 

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