[Mimedefang] What gets changed outside of mimedefang-filter?

Kelson Vibber kelson at speed.net
Wed May 15 19:56:02 EDT 2002

I'm running MIMEDefang 2.11, and I have some power users who would prefer that 
their mail not be touched by MIMEDefang at all, for any reason.  (They don't 
want anything changing their mail.)  Now while I can certainly set up the 
filter to simply accept mail to and from these addresses, it won't leave the 
mail *completely* unchanged.  At the very least, the X-Scanned-By header will 
still be added.

So I'd like to verify this:  If the filter does nothing except call 
action_accept(), is anything changed other than adding that one header?  Any 
whitespace collapsed, or formatting altered?  Any other headers changed?  Any 
changes to the body?

And yes, I can see some circumstances where this is a good idea.  People who 
don't run insecure mail clients and don't open attachments they aren't 
expecting don't need it, and if they're on, say, a virus research list or 
perhaps discussing vulnerabilities on Bugtraq, they might actually have a 
legit reason to send and receive dangerous files.

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