[Mimedefang] HTML

J.P van Oyen jeepee at gids.nl
Wed May 8 14:23:37 EDT 2002

Unfortunately I am not a good Perl programmer so it would be great if 
someone would pick up that challenge.

What would be nicer to provide users a mail nicely filtered with the HTML crap.

Than email will get again what is was meant for.

Cheers J.P...

> > If anyone else has good ideas please let me know....
>I'm looking at the HTML::Parser class for an unrelated project.  It seems
>to me you could write an HTML-to-text converter easily enough using
>As for completely de-miming a message, that is impossible using MIMEDefang.
>If you modify a message, MIMEDefang *always* creates a MIME message as
>the result.

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