[Mimedefang] Timeouts

Adam Beatham adam at backboard.org
Tue May 7 10:18:48 EDT 2002

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the following..

I run the multiplexor on a relatively slow machine (sparc 5, 85 mhz.  64mb 
of ram).  And whenever any sizeable messages (i'd say anything over 2meg or 
so). the 'mimedefang' process dies, results in the sendmail milter failing 
to access the process this not processing the mail.  is there anywhere to 
prevent this?  ignore large messages or something?  i have some code in my 
mimedefang-filter file to have SpamAssassin ignore any messages over 50k or 
so, but it still seems to hang.  any one have any ideas?



-adam, the guy behind the guy behind the guy

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