AW: [Mimedefang] Sendmail crash

Robert Dege rcd at
Wed Mar 27 11:02:41 EST 2002

Hey Martin,

> You don't want to do that: if the milter goes south sendmail doesn't acknowledge receipt, so the stuff you see lying around in old mimedefang workdirs should already have been resent by the remote mailserver.

I'm not all too familiar with milter, but I figured that if the emails
have reached mimedefang, then milter has done it's job.  From that
point, mimedefang processes the mail, and then pushes it back to
sendmail for delivery.

I would hate to manually write a perl script that merges the HEADERS &
INPUTMSG back together & pushes it back to the user's directory.

I've had 2 separate occurances where the folders are not being removed &
not being delivered.  I suspect it's because of a) amount of mail going
through & b)the load on the mail server.

Thanks for the input thus far.

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