Pine (was RE: [Mimedefang] Favorite mail client)

Jeremy Mates jmates at
Thu Mar 21 17:56:25 EST 2002

* David F. Skoll <dfs at> [2002-03-21T13:18-0800]:
> I use Pine, but I'm nervous.  The U. of Washington hasn't had a great
> history of producing secure code (wu-ftpd is a sad example), so make
> sure you follow bugtraq and are using version 4.44 of Pine.

wu-ftpd is "Washington University," (St. Louis) not the "University of
Washington" (Seattle).

UW-IMAP and pine (via the shared c-client lib) have had security
problems-- though I recently switched to mutt, only to have to upgrade
to get around a remote exploit, while in the same timeframe pine only
had a URL handling issue.

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