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Young, Gil Gil_Young at CRC.com
Thu Mar 21 15:26:53 EST 2002

I have just gone thru a round of mail clients, from Outlook to Pegasus to
finally Eudora.

Outlook was doing the job fine until the last major update to it, when it
started to run dog slow for me (Celery 450).  So I looked for alternatives,
and decided to try Pegasus for a few weeks.  

I thought that Pegasus lacked the feel of a good overall mail client, and it
did some funky things with attachments outbound that I didnt like.  So I
dropped back and punted.

So I switched to Eudora (freeware).  The only disagreement I have with
Eudora is that the date column sorts messages by the time set by the
originator of the message, which will result in messages being sorted out of
order all the time.  You will hear messages coming in to your inbox, but the
new messages will not show up on the end of the list because someone has
their timezone all fubared or somesuch.  NOT a good feature for an email
client.  I finally realized I could set it to not sort by header time stamp,
and leave the inbox sorted by arrival, but as soon as I want to search and
sort by time, there is no going back to the original sort by "arrival time"
listing, which stinks IMHO.  In fact this is the one thing that keeps me
from laying money out for the full version of the client and staying away
from Outlook forever.

I'll probably end up upgrading my PC hardware and going back to outlook,
because I cant afford to not have the client be able to sort messages by
arrival.  To give you an idea of why it is important to be able to do sort
by arrival, imagine if you miss a request for your resume or an inquiry for
more information because the (*%&^#$ client will not sort by arrival and the
sender had their timestamp messed up.  Bad Idea(tm).


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Hi all,

For those of you unfortunate enough to be using Windows, what is your
favorite mail client?  I'm looking for an alternative to M$ Outlook.
How is Eudora?  Do we have a decent Open Source choice?

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