[Mimedefang] Timeout on large attachments

Mickey Hill mickey at rudolphtire.com
Mon Mar 11 13:42:53 EST 2002

> My guess is that MIME::Tools is very slow on such large messages.  Not
> only do you have to increase Sendmail's timeouts, but you also have to
> increase MIMEDefang's timeouts.  See the mimedefang-multiplexor(8) man
> page and the "-b" option.

Ok, I'll try that.  Thanks.

Has anyone tried eliminating the "F=T" flag so that sendmail will
continue to process the message if the filter fails?  On this particular
server, it's more important to pass the message through than it is to
filter, block, or modify it.

> Policy question: Do you really want people sending 30MB e-mails?  My
> server refuses anything over a megabyte.  Such large e-mails are an
> inviting DoS mechanism, especially if someone knows you're using
> MIMEDefang.

This particular mail server is owned by a small ISP that caters to local
businesses only and (theoretically) places no restrictions on message
length, mailbox size, etc.  One customer, the local print shop,
regularly receives large graphics files as large as 100 MB or more, and
no other ISP will give them an unlimited mailbox.  We like paying
customers :)

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