[Mimedefang] password protected zip archives and virus checking

Barry Byrne barry.byrne at wbtsystems.com
Mon Mar 4 11:32:48 EST 2002


Using sophos to scan for viruses, password protected zip files get flagged
as viruses. The warning in the mail/quarantine report looks like:

	Here are the warning details:

	The attachment faxes.zip contains a known virus.  It has been quarantined.
	Here is the output from the virus scanner:
	Password protected file ./Work/msg-54702-92.zip/file one.doc
	Password protected file ./Work/msg-54702-92.zip/file two.doc
	Password protected file ./Work/msg-54702-92.zip/file three.doc

Anyone any ideas on working around this, other than not scanning archives?
In other words, to scan all archives, but to skip and still deliver any
password-protected files.



Barry Byrne, IT Manager,
WBT Systems, Block 2, Harcourt Centre
Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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