[Mimedefang] MimeDefang on Solaris

Rich West Rich.West at divatv.com
Fri Mar 1 15:54:17 EST 2002

Compiled up just fine.  Ok, below is a rundown of what I have and what I 
am doing.  Maybe I am doing a step wrong here, but it's not that 
complicated of a procedure. :)

This is on a solaris 8 box:
SunOS 5.8 Generic_108528-03 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi-Engine

I've got:
/usr/local/src/mimedefang-2.6> gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/2.95.3/specs
gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)

And here is what I am doing, step by step:
/usr/local/src/mimedefang-2.6> ./configure --prefix=/opt/local 
creating cache ./config.cache
checking for gcc... gcc
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/local/bin/install -c
checking for perl... /usr/local/bin/perl
checking for nm... /usr/ccs/bin/nm
checking for Perl module IO::Socket... ok
checking for Perl module MIME::Tools 5.410 ()... ok
checking for Perl module MIME::WordDecoder... ok
checking for Perl module Digest::SHA1... ok
checking for Perl module Sys::Syslog... ok
checking for Perl module Mail::SpamAssassin... ok
checking SpamAssassin version... 2.01
checking for Perl module Anomy::HTMLCleaner... ok
checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -E
checking for getopt.h... no
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -pthread... no
checking for res_init in -lresolv... yes
checking for htons in -lsocket... yes
checking for gethostbyname in -lnsl... yes
checking for pthread_once in -lpthread... yes
checking for libmilter/mfapi.h... /usr/include/libmilter/mfapi.h
checking for antivir... /bin/false
checking for uvscan... /bin/false
checking for sweep... /bin/false
checking for AvpLinux... /bin/false
checking for libmilter.a... /lib/libmilter.a
checking for libsmutil.a... /lib/libsmutil.a
checking for libsm.a... /lib/libsm.a
checking for wvHtml... NOTFOUND
checking for mail... /bin/mail
checking for sendmail... /usr/lib/sendmail
checking for rm... /bin/rm

*** Virus scanner detection results:
H+BEDV 'antivir'     NO (not found)
NAI    'uvscan'      NO (not found)
Sophos 'sweep'       NO (not found)
AVP    'AvpLinux'    NO (not found)

Could not find any recognized virus scanner... do not use
any of the contains_virus functions in your filter.
Found Mail::SpamAssassin.  You may use spam_assassin_is_spam()
Found Anomy::HTMLCleaner.  You may use anomy_clean_html()

checking whether libmilter requires -lsfio... no
checking whether libmilter requires -lsm... yes
checking whether libsm requires -lldap... no
creating ./config.status
creating Makefile
creating mimedefang.pl
creating word-to-html
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged
/usr/local/src/mimedefang-2.6> make
gcc -g -O2  -DPERL_PATH=\"/usr/local/bin/perl\" 
-DMIMEDEFANG_PL=\"/opt/local/bin/mimedefang.pl\" -DRM=\"/bin/rm\" 
-DVERSION=\"2.6\" -DSPOOLDIR=\"/var/spool/MIMEDefang\"  -I/usr/include 
-c -o mimedefang.o mimedefang.c
gcc -g -O2  -o mimedefang mimedefang.o /lib/libmilter.a /lib/libsmutil.a 
-lpthread -lnsl -lsocket -lresolv  -lsm
strip mimedefang
gcc -g -O2 -DPERL_PATH=\"/usr/local/bin/perl\" 
-DMIMEDEFANG_PL=\"/opt/local/bin/mimedefang.pl\" -DRM=\"/bin/rm\" 
-DVERSION=\"2.6\" -DSPOOLDIR=\"/var/spool/MIMEDefang\"  -I/usr/include 
-c -o mimedefang-multiplexor.o mimedefang-multiplexor.c
mimedefang-multiplexor.c: In function `statsLog':
mimedefang-multiplexor.c:1552: `__builtin_va_alist' undeclared (first 
use in this function)
mimedefang-multiplexor.c:1552: (Each undeclared identifier is reported 
only once
mimedefang-multiplexor.c:1552: for each function it appears in.)
make: *** [mimedefang-multiplexor.o] Error 1

David F. Skoll wrote:

>On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Rich West wrote:
>>Yup, gcc on Solaris.  This worked just fine when compiling MIMEDefang 2.3...
>That's because nothing in MIMEDefang 2.3 used "va_start" or the other
>macros from stdarg.h (unless you compiled with DEBUG_EVENT set to true.)
>Try compiling this program:
>#include <stdarg.h>
>int foo(int x, ...)
>	va_list ap;
>	va_start(ap, x);
>	va_end(ap);
>	return x;
>int main()
>	(void) foo(1);
>	return 0;
>If it fails to compile, it's a header file problem.

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