[Mimedefang] Re: making quaranteened parts available

Douglas J Hunley doug at hunley.homeip.net
Fri Mar 1 11:40:12 EST 2002

David F. Skoll spewed electrons into the ether that assembled into:
> Oops, my mistake.  The 'with_url' function leaves the disposition
> as "attachment".  You can change it like this:
> if (.. mumble ..) {
>     action_notify_administrator(...);
>     action_replace_with_url($entity, ...blah...);
>     # OK, ugly, you need to know the internals of MIMEDefang.  I'll
> document # which functions set $ReplacementEntity
>     $ReplacementEntity->head->mime_attr("Content-Disposition" => "inline");
>     # Give the warning a "filename" for the benefit of dumb MUAs
>     $ReplacementEntity->head->mime_attr("Content-Disposition.filename" =>
> "warn.txt); return;
> }

did this. still attachment. I get:
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="warn.txt"

in the test email.. which means the above code is being executed (before it 
was an unnamed attachment). you can have multiple inline contents in one 
mail, yes?
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