[Mimedefang] New MIMEDefang Support Doc: MIMEDefang Tips

Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey at thompsonic.com
Thu Mar 14 14:35:47 EST 2002

Here’s a place you can get some tips on how to customize your MIMEDefang
program to address your issues:
This is a beginning point for MIMEDefang Tips.  It simply has my filter
customization right now.  It has a form on it for you to describe what
you do with MIMEDefang and submit your code.  We will refine the process
(and feel free to suggest how to do it better).  This way, newbies can
get up and running quickly, and everyone else can learn from what others
are doing and how they are addressing specific issues.  I suspect we
will even come up with more features as we see what people are doing
with the very versatile and effective MIMEDefang program.
Jeffrey Thompson
Thompson Internet Communications, Inc.

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