[Mimedefang] emails with a blank from field

Anthony Giggins agiggins at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 10 02:44:45 EST 2002

I've noticed several emails coming from our internal exchange servers
with blank from fields and hence they are getting blocked by my
mimedefang-filter can anyone explain why?             (I probably should
be asking Microsoft but I thought some of you might have ran into this)

There are also seemly legit emails coming in that are also being

I tried action_quarantine($entity, "We don't Accept mail with no reply

To see the content of these emails

But all I get is the Perl Process did not finish and I can't see any
error with the filter.

I change it back to action_bounce("We don't accept mail with no reply
address") and it works fine can anyone explain why?

Any Help would be appriecated

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