[Mimedefang] Problem with MIMEDefang 2.6 + Exchange 2.5 + Outlook

Tom D nofx at wincrash.com
Fri Mar 8 18:01:53 EST 2002


I have a kind of a hard time figuring this problem.

This is how my MIMEDefang is setup and whats it doing:

Sendmail + MIMEDefang using 'uvscan'.
Took out the Anomy::Cleaner.
Changed flatten = 1; NoMultipleInlines = 1;

Remmed out action_rebuild();

And whats left is only checking for file extensions and Viruses.
But the problem is not that, problem is what MIMEDefang is doing with email
headers and Parts in the Email that brakes it.

I have MIMEDefang filter all emails for certain domain and then by using
mailertable send that to an Exchange 5.5 Server (Not my fault, thats how
they are setup)
and Exchange's doing its stuff from there.
But whenever Email contains Heavy HTML, Pictures sort of like a Web Page,
the email
gets to the Exchange as an Attachment, but when i did some tweaking, email
got there fine.
But oulook was still showing Attachments, and when i looked at the
attachments, it was all
Images from the Body of the Email, and when i replied back to an Outlook
Express, it would
get the whole Email with body, and then underneath that Images stripped one
by one with attachments.
Just like you Attach Images to an Email.

I know its something that MIMEDefang is changing in the Email Source,
because when i turn
MIMEDefang off just use regular Sendmail to Forward Mail i don't get that
Either Exchange 5.5 Doesn't know how to read those new headers or i don't

If a developer wants to test this out i am willing to Provide a remote *nix
box with MDefang setup
and sendmail 8.12.2 and Exchange 5.5.

Tom D.

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