[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.6 build problem

Systems Administrator sysadmin at aims.gov.au
Mon Mar 4 20:55:09 EST 2002


I am trying to build MIMEDefang 2.6 on a SPARC Solaris 2.6 system, running
Sendmail 8.12.2. Goes through the configure stage without any problems but
get the following error when I do a make:

gcc -g -O2  -DPERL_PATH=\"/bin/perl\"  -DMIMEDEFANG_PL=\"/usr/local/bin/mime
defang.pl\"  -DRM=\"/bin/rm\"  -DVERSION=\"2.6\"  -DSPOOLDIR=\"/var/spool/MI
MEDefang\" -I/usr/local/include/sendmail -c -o mimedefang.o mimedefang.c
gcc -g -O2  -o mimedefang mimedefang.o /usr/local/lib/libmilter.a
/usr/local/lib/libsmutil.a -lpthread -lnsl -lsocket -lresolv  -lsm
strip mimedefang
gcc -g -O2 -DPERL_PATH=\"/bin/perl\"  -DMIMEDEFANG_PL=\"/usr/local/bin/mimed
efang.pl\"  -DRM=\"/bin/rm\"  -DVERSION=\"2.6\"  -DSPOOLDIR=\"/var/spool/MIM
EDefang\" -I/usr/local/include/sendmail -c -o mimedefang-multiplexor.o
In file included from mimedefang-multiplexor.c:19:
event_tcp.h:69: parse error before `socklen_t'
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `mimedefang-multiplexor.o'

Any ideas?


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