[Mimedefang] X-MIMEDefang-Warning: Perl process did not finish

hans mayer hans.mayer at relay.bfl.at
Fri Mar 15 09:55:51 EST 2002

hi all friends of mimedefang

thanks to all, who did response to my html2text question.

i am just testing with sendmail 8.12.2 and mimedefang 2.6 
also installed the sendmail-patch from md-homepage.
environment is solaris 7 without md multiplexor

i did check e-mails with and without attachements, with
allowed and forbidden ones. all works fine. 

but if an attachement goes through - as allowed - i see
in the mail-header the following line: 

  X-MIMEDefang-Warning: Perl process did not finish

tested with a small .doc of only 22528 bytes.
but no warnings or errors on syslog-server or message-file.
what shall i do ? some tunings or modifications ? 
can i go with this in production ? 

i have this situation not with md version 2.3

best regards 


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