[Mimedefang] Timeout on large attachments

Miller Michael Contractor USTC michael.miller at hq.transcom.mil
Mon Mar 11 15:30:40 EST 2002

If it's of any help, I had to set my timeout to 20 minutes to handle large
powerpoint attachments.
In excess of 50MB on a Sun Ultra-Enterprise 6000. I'm using an older version
of MD also if that makes a difference.

Mike Miller

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On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Mickey Hill wrote:

> Maybe it would be helpful to know exactly where the timeout was
> occurring.  My mimedefang.pl doesn't scan the message at all (no virus,
> no spam, nothing) if the message is over 100K.

Ah, but by the time your filter is called, mimedefang.pl has already
decoded the MIME stream and split the message into parts.  I bet that's
what's timing out.

> If the timeout is
> between sendmail and the incoming side of mimedefang (the c part),
> mimedefang wouldn't know the size of the message until after the timeout
> had occurred, and by then it would be too late.  Am I on the right track
> here?  How can I figure out where the timeout is occurring?

I'm almost certain it's the MIME decoding.  I can't imagine it would take
5 minutes just to transfer 30MB of data from Sendmail via a UNIX-domain
socket and into a file.



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