AW: [Mimedefang] Mimedefang crash (fwd)

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Mon Mar 4 03:41:21 EST 2002

OK, I'll try to order a new Sun today to relocate my proxy server (a Blade
100 for $950 !), and I will run the multiplexor with the -l option to get
some extra info.

The extra load caused by the scanner is acceptable, and I think the
Kaspersky virus scanner isn't available for Sun+Solaris, is it?

Thanks for all the responses.


On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Martin Bene wrote:

> Hi Karel,
> > no, just a few of these messages.
> > Does this -l option generate a lot of additional log ? My
> > mail server is very busy!!!
> No, as long as things are OK there is minimal aditional output. You'll just get a few lines when the number of slaves changes (aditional slave started or running slave killed because of timeout). if the settings for minimal /maximal number of slaves is reasonable for your system this shouldn't happen often.
> > I usually see between 5 and 10's. I'm using
> > uvscan to scan each message.
> > However, the system is running a (mandatory) proxy server too. This is
> > giving me a heavy load.
> what's the overhead incurred by the scanner? for each message mimedefang will call the scanner once to check the whole message and if something is found one again for each attachment. starting a virus scanner can be quite an expensive operation.
> I've been quite happy using kaspersky virus scanner in daemon mode; does something similar to mimedefang-multiplexor, only for virus scanning, greatly increased the number of messages/second my server can handle.
> I've attached a patch to to make it work with the kaspersky scanner in daemon mode instead of normal commandline mode.
> Bye, Martin

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