[Mimedefang] A little confusered

Weyland nw2linux at varangiankindred.org
Fri Jun 21 08:55:55 EDT 2002

On Friday 21 June 2002 06:41 am, Tim Kramer spake:
> My first suggestion is to get the filtering up and working.  You may not
> have/want to go any further than that.  Once the spam scoring is in
> place, each user can configure their Outlook (or whatever) to redirect
> incoming spam into a spam folder.  This put the responsibility of
> deleting spam on the user and they have no one to blame but themselves
> when the pictures from Uncle Bob and Aunt Bessie get deleted.

Unfortunately, it works backwards at this company.
Take the responsibilities of all hte end users, and lay them on one person.
I've been told to stop spam at the door, and immediately can it.
It'll reside in a mailbox for one month, to eliminate any "I didn't get this 
mail" screams, but other than that, they don't even want it coming in.
I've been told to kill specific words immediately, and if Joe or Jane loses a 
mail from Aunty or Uncle, then they shouldn't be taking personal mail on 
company equipment.
But this is my job for now...

> About the only thing that you want to block at the server level is
> infected mail.  It's well worth the trouble to get the anti-virus
> filters up and running (and it is a bit of trouble, depending on your OS
> and your choice of virus scanner).

Unfotunately (and that's another long story) I won't have that opportunity 
for another year, as they just bought a product right before I jumped into 
Linux, and will use it until the subscription runs out.



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