[Mimedefang] sendmail statistics?

Stephane Lentz Stephane.Lentz at ansf.alcatel.fr
Thu Jun 20 03:47:58 EDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 02:42:51PM +1000, Anthony Giggins wrote:
> Anyone know of a product to mine statistics from sendmail logs?
> Need at least to be able to get usage statistics too and from a specified
> domain and in a web interface would be nice.

Sma : http://www.klake.org/sma/
Still maintained, fast and with several output (HTML, txt)

Look also at http://www.sendmail.org/faq/section4.html
Subject: Q4.7 -- How can I summarize the statistics generated by sendmail in the syslog?



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