[Mimedefang] include system load in timeout message

Rich West Rich.West at divatv.com
Tue Jun 18 22:53:43 EDT 2002

*nod*  And any additional reporting such as system load (which varies in 
relevance rather dramatically between platforms), as you might guess, 
would be even more taxing on the CPU, which would be a bad thing (tm) 
when the system is under heavy strain.

IMHO, it would be best to avoid adding to the existing problem, when one 
creeps up, which could force the system in a downward sprial.  Thus, 
giving the system a greater chance to recover gracefully than completely 


>There's no portable way to determine the system load under UNIX (other
>than execing "uptime", I suppose.)  If you have "sar" installed, it
>might give you an idea what happened, though.

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