[Mimedefang] Poll: Other MTA's

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Tue Jun 11 14:58:52 EDT 2002

On 11 Jun 2002 at 10:16, David F. Skoll wrote:

> A quick poll:  Does anyone want to use MIMEDefang with a different
> MTA (Exim, Postfix, Qmail, etc.)?  Is there enough interest to
> warrant an MTA-neutral version of MIMEDefang?
> And the important question:  If there is interest, is there interest
> in funding the development? :-)

You'll probably get fewer responses here than many other places, 
since most of the self-selecting members of the list are using 
Sendmail. :-)  

I am, however, curious as to what kind of a framework you envision 
for this.  I'm assuming there would have to be MTA-specific 
functions, depending on whether the MTA supported milter-like 
capabilities or not?

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