[Mimedefang] Able to stand up to load?

Tim Kramer kramer.tim at cox.net
Sat Jun 15 22:37:23 EDT 2002

Anyone have any idea what sort of load a stock (or less-than stock)
install of MD/SA/uvscan will stand up to?  Actually I'm going to find
out this coming week but could use any hints.  

I'm running Sendmail 8.12.x, MimeDefang 2.4.x, the current version of
SpamAssassin, and McAfee's Linux-based uvscan running on BSDi 4.2.  Took
a little under 3 hours to get it to the point where I'm editing the
filter config.  I'm configuring for "score spam and forward to
recipient" and "delete infected" with no other features enabled.  (The
users get to delete their own spam!)

Average load for my systems is 200 messages/minute (semi-evenly split
over four machines) with peaks to 1000+ messages/minute twice per day. 
The peaks are caused by directory replication to/from our customers
which I plan on not scanning/scoring (easy to configure around).  A
similar set-up at my house (Linux-based) easily handles the 50
message/minute load.  

Since BSDi runs more efficiently than Linux, I'm hoping that it'll
handle the load well enough for me to toss in a few extra features
without having to spring for extra servers.  Hardware is cheap, BSDi 
is not (and no, I don't have a choice in that matter.).


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