[Mimedefang] action_bounce with MIMEDefang 2.15 beta 1

Ken March ken at silicon.implant.net
Fri Jun 7 16:32:50 EDT 2002


I just upgraded from MIMEDefang 2.12 to 2.15.  I'm using Kaspersky AVP to
scan messages for viruses, and if I find them, I bounce indicating that
there was a virus in the message.


Jun  7 13:15:27 silicon sm-mta[27986]: g57JFFra027986: Milter: data,
reject=554 5.7.1 Rejected; Viruses found in message: I-Worm.Klez.h

However, since upgrading to 2.15, I get the following:

Jun  7 14:16:25 silicon sm-mta[29192]: g57KGKra029192: Milter: data,
reject=554 5.7.1 Command rejected

Not a big deal, but not as pretty =)  Looking at the code for
action_bounce() in mimedefang.pl, it seems as though the reply should be
used - but it's not.

I'm guessing it's something to do with the C side of things.


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