[Mimedefang] one last error

Weyland nw2linux at varangiankindred.org
Wed Jun 26 14:00:13 EDT 2002

On Wednesday 26 June 2002 01:43 pm, David F. Skoll spake:

> All we can glean is you're getting a "451 4.7.1 Please try again later"
> SMTP reply.  Check your Sendmail logs; most likely, there's a bug in the
> filter and the Perl process is crashing.

Hi David,

Yes, already checked the logs, and have been searching 
for what I found in there, but haven't seen reference to it yet.

Here's what I beleive to be the relevant part - 
(let me know if it would be better to post more of  the log)

Jun 26 13:15:47 MAILBOX mimedefang[16013]: MXCommand: connect: No such file 
or directory
Jun 26 13:15:47 MAILBOX mimedefang[16013]: mfconnect: No free slaves

Does that help?



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