[Mimedefang] "interrupted system call"?

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Wed Jun 19 16:05:13 EDT 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, root wrote:

> Env: Mimedefang 2.12 with Sendmail 8.12.2
> This behaviour has started after 2 weeks of successful testing. Now when
> there is more than one email received during the same smtp conversation
> the second (and successive) email is rejected with a 451 error.
> Sample mail log entry on the receiving system looks like this:
> cobgate2 sm_mta[3984]: g5JEvUrs003984: Milter (mimedefang): select(read): Interrupted system call
> cobgate2 sm_mta[3984]: g5JEvUrs003984: Milter (mimedefang): to error state
> cobgate2 sm_mta[3984]: g5JEvUrs003984: Milter: data, reject=451 4.7.1 Please try again later
> What is the next step to t-shoot?
> Thanks,
> -Lynn

This is from the sendmail 8.12.3 ChangeLog:

        Protect against interrupted select() call when enforcing Milter
                read and write timeouts.  Patch from Gurusamy Sarathy of

This is on the MIMEDefang web site:

    4. Sendmail 8.12.x. The latest version as of this writing is 8.12.3.
       We do not recommend the use of earlier versions of Sendmail, as
       they contain errors in the libmilter code.

...but beyond just that reason, I'd suggest sendmail 8.12.4 and MIMEDefang
2.15 so you know you've got every known bugfix taken care of (without
installing a beta I mean).


Jason Englander
jason at englanders.cc

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