[Mimedefang] ERR timed out

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 30 09:25:01 EDT 2002

>From: <Karel.DeBruyne at ua.ac.be>
>I've got a lot (yesterday, 210) of these "ERR Filter timed out"
>I isolated such a session from my maillog file
>The load on my machine, is usually between 2 and 4 during the day.
>I am using SpamAssassin 2.20 and McAfee anti-virussoftware.
>I am only testing messages >50kB on Spam.

Version of sendmail?  Entries for the filter in your sendmail.mc?

>Can anyone explain to me what I should do ?
>Thanks a lot,
>Jul 30 13:35:13 hgems sendmail[11910]: g6UBZBCB011910:
>from=<perf-errors.3441.70807.14716.501.0.4 at boing.topica.com>,
>size=6660, class=0, nrcpts=1,
>msgid=<70807.3441.1176862491-1463792382-1028013369 at topica.com>,
>proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=out001.tfmb.net []
>Jul 30 13:38:13 hgems sendmail[11910]: g6UBZBCB011910: Milter
>(mimedefang): time out before data read
>Jul 30 13:38:13 hgems sendmail[11910]: g6UBZBCB011910: Milter
>(mimedefang): to error state
>Jul 30 13:38:13 hgems sendmail[11910]: g6UBZBCB011910: Milter: data,
>reject=451 4.7.1 Please try again later

Looks like your system was too busy.  It could be a milter bug if you're 
running certain versions of sendmail, or it could just be that your machine 
is undersized for the load it had to carry at that time.

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