[Mimedefang] Repeated messages

Stefano McGhee SMcGhee at ARCweb.com
Mon Jul 29 16:32:01 EDT 2002

>>     I have more info on the problem.  Apparently the milter tempfails
>> the message because it claim there are no free slaves (I use 10) and 
>> it is temp failing commands from the relay.  Somehow, it still 
>> delivers the message.

>This should not happen.  If it does happen, it's a bug in sendmail or

I agree.  It shouldn't happen. :)

>>I think a more likely explanation is that the other end (the sending end)
times out before MIMEDefang finishes, so it
>>considers the message tempfailed, but the receiving end doesn't.  There's
no easy way around this, because you cannot 
>>control other people's timeout settings.

Previously, this was only happening on large file attachments.  You may
remember the somewhat recent thread "Large Attachments".  With your help
though, I made the timeouts for Sendmail 5 minutes instead of equal to MD
(~25 min).  That change got rid of Sendmail tempfailing messages because MD
tempfailed (even with F=T NOT set).  However, now when Sendmail is overrun
by a burst of messages, recently 60 or so at about 225k each, it exhibited
the behavior I was telling you about.  I'm considering moving it to a
faster server.  It is currently on a P450 with 256MB RAM.

>>Try increasing the maximum number of slaves to see if that will help, or
limit the size of mail messages people can 
>>send through your system.

I have tried increasing the slaves, but I don't know what the upper
threshold is for this machine.  As for limiting mail message size, 225k
still seems reasonable.  :)



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