[Mimedefang] First two headers not written to INPUTMSG

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Mon Jul 22 21:59:01 EDT 2002

I said:

> I'm trying to run mimedfang 2.16 (I saw the same behavior in 2.15) with
> sendmail 8.12.5 under RedHat 6.2 with the CVS version of SpamAssassin.
> It appears that the first two headers of mail is not passed in to
> SpamAssassin.

I found an answer as to why this is happening, but not a solution to the
problem, on this thread at milter.org:


It says

[begin quote]

the "top" (most recent) Received header, and the Return-Path header aren't
part of what the sending MTA is sending you. They're what sendmail stamps on
it AFTER receipt.
So there won't be a callback for those, because they're not part of the
stream of what's coming from the remote MTA.

[end quote]

This breaks using  SpamAssassin's DNSRBL checks when SA is called by
MimeDefang when the offending mail server talks directly to mine, because
then the offending ip address is in that first Received header which doesn't

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do I need to kludge it by calling relay_is_blacklisted in filter_recipient
and adding a custom header that I can write a SpamAssassin rule for? I
wouldn't want to just use sendmail's DNSRBL facility to block the mail, as
the idea is to make it part of SpamAssassin's scoring for greater

 -- sidney

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