[Mimedefang] RE: Large attachment timeouts

Stefano McGhee SMcGhee at ARCweb.com
Mon Jul 22 16:52:01 EDT 2002

Hello All,
>> I have done this and it seems to have really cut down on the messages 
>> getting 451'd.

>It's risky, though.

But there is another server behind it checking for viruses.  This server's
(MIMEDefang) existence is purely to block spam.  And it does it very well.
Great product!

>> Is there a way to track down the the perpetrator of the original 
>> timeouts?

>Yes.  Use the "-k" option for MIMEDefang (if you use the sample init 

>Then, if a timeout occurs, the working directory will not be deleted. 
>You can move it out of the spool and run mimedefang.pl "by hand" on 
>it, or tar it up and send it to me to look at.

I've done that before (-k and running mimedefang manually) and it seems to
confirm that it takes a long time or never finishes.  A message today timed
out, and was about 7.5MB.  After 20 min, I just gave up waiting.  I'll tar
a smaller one up and mail it to you over te next few days off list.



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