[Mimedefang] Bad Timeouts

Chad Stalvey cstalvey at hcsmail.com
Thu Jul 18 09:41:00 EDT 2002

I un-commented them and bumped both up by two points in both sendmail.cf and
submit.cf, we'll see if it works.

The reason I thought or think that it is Mimedefang or Spamassassin is that
without them running, mail "zips" right out of outlook. With it running, it
takes some time to get sent.

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If you're not getting a connection to your mail server from your monitoring
device periodically then the issue is most likely with the sendmail config
related to the number of child processes it can spawn. It shouldn't have
anything to do with MD. Most monitoring programs simply see if they can
establish a connection on port 25 - if they can, then everything's OK - if
not, then they raise a flag. All this happens well before MD enters the

Tune your sendmail config by increasing your QueueLA and RefuseLA options
and see if the problem goes away.

Steve Robb

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Subject: [Mimedefang] Bad Timeouts

Sorry for the inexperience here but if someone could look at this for me
real quick I would greatly appreciate it.

My sendmail.mc file has this:

`S=unix:/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock, T=S:300s;R:300s;E:5m')dnl

Then I start mimedefang like this:
# su defang
% /usr/local/bin/mimedefang -p /var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock&
% mimedefang-multiplexor -l&

# sendmail -q2h -bd

Is this the correct way to start the multiplexer? Cause we have netsaint
polling the SMTP port on that server and it is giving CRITICAL pages every
so often. I raised the timeout on netsaint from 10 sec. to 25 sec. and it is
still paging me with the timeouts. Also, how can I see the statistics for
the amount of mail my server is handling? All in all it is working. Thanks.

Chad Stalvey

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