[Mimedefang] layout of text-only messages changes when modified my mimedefang (outlook)

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Sat Jul 20 09:28:01 EDT 2002


I'm just trying to upgrade from mimedefang 2.8 to 2.16; there's one strange
effect that I see after the upgrade: if mimedefang changes a text-only
message (either inline or as a seperate mime entity) by removing an
attachment and adding the warning message, the original mail will have its
linefeeds doubled - there's an empty line after each line of text.

sample (mimedefang message is in german, it's the usual "WARNING, this
message has been ...."):

This is a test message

that was 4 lines long originaly and had eicar.com as an attachment

after mimedefang, there's four aditional

empty lines - where do they come from?

ACHTUNG: Diese Nachricht wurde von Mime Filter veraendert.
Im Folgenden Absatz finden Sie genauere Informationen ueber
die vorgenommenen Aenderungen.
Bitte wenden Sie sich and icomedias Mailfilter Admin <filter-admin at localhost>
falls Sie
weitere Informationen benötigen.

Dateianlage eicar.com  wurde gelöscht.  Die Anlage
enthielt einen Virus.
Naehere Info des Virenscanners:
/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mdefang-3D396105-0/Work/msg-14925-5.com    infected:


As stated, the same thing happens when adding the warning as a seperate mime
part (warning.txt), the original message still arrives with double

I'm seeing this weird effekt on outlook 2000 on Win XP.
Thanks for any hints, 


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