[Mimedefang] Can mimedefang be used with exim?

Jorge Nerín jnerin at warp.juridicas.com
Tue Jul 16 09:01:02 EDT 2002

Hello, I have just set up a sendmail box with mimedefang, but at home I 
use exim, and I would like to use mimedefang to filter my email, mostly 
for binaries, viruses & spam, mimedefang works great, so I thougth this 
could be possible.

AFAIK milter is an extension of sendmail, so it seems to rule out exim, 
but I have just read something about milter being able to listen to a 
tcp port, so it seems to bring ligth to this subject, but I'm not sure 
of how much ;) does some of you know if this can be done?

Jorge Nerin
<jnerin at warp.juridicas.com>

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