[Mimedefang] Stats and Syslog

J.P van Oyen jeepee at pbnec.nl
Wed Jul 24 15:24:01 EDT 2002


I was trying to get the TCL Stats script to work and entered a 'rule' like 
this :

     if ($FoundVirus) {
         my($code, $category, $action);
         $VirusScannerMessages = "";
         ($code, $category, $action) = entity_contains_virus($entity);
         if ($category eq "virus") {
             return action_quarantine($entity, "A known virus in $fname was 
discovered and deleted."
                                               . "Virus-scanner messages 
                                               . "Mail relayed via 
             syslog('warning', "$MsgID from $Sender via $RelayAddr 
($RelayHostname) "
                            . "re: ($Subject) bounced because of attachment 
             if ($Sender ne '<>') {
                   return action_notify_sender("\nMsg from $Sender to 
@Recipients with attachment $fname contains a virus !\n"
                                         . "Please use a virus scanner to 
clean your machine !\n"
                                         . "Virus detected :\n"
                                         . "$VirusScannerMessages\n");

But I am not getting anything into my syslog :
My syslog.conf

*.=info;*.=notice             /usr/adm/messages
*.=debug                       /usr/adm/debug
*.warn                           /usr/adm/syslog
*.err                              /usr/adm/syslog

Also tried syslog('info',...........

Also running the TCL script produces :

gnuplot> plot '-' using 1:2 title 'Viruses' with lines
          line 1: x range is invalid

     while executing
"close $fp"
     (procedure "plotMailLog" line 25)
     invoked from within
     (file "./mime-stats" line 142)

Maybe this is as there is no entry but any hints tips etc to get it to work ?

Cheers J.P..

Mimedefang 2.16
Sendmail 8.12.5
G N U P L O T Version 3.7 patchlevel 2
Perl 5.6.0

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