[Mimedefang] Double modifications being made

Robert Covell rcovell at rolet.com
Thu Jul 18 18:13:35 EDT 2002

We just upgraded to mimedefang-2.16 and SA 2.20.  When SA identifies a
message as spam and the score is < 9 or > 5 we modify the subject and attach
the report.  Only thing is we are getting double entries for everything
(subject and the report).  We want to add "****POTENTIAL SPAM****" to the
beginning of the email and attach the report.

We get:	****POTENTIAL SPAM********POTENTIAL SPAM****(With the original
subject here)

To do this we are using:	action_change_header("Subject", "****POTENTIAL

And to place the attachment with the message we are using the
following(Which comes with the standard example config):
action_add_part($entity, "text/plain", "-suggest", "$report\n",
"SpamAssassinReport.txt", "inline");

Any ideas?


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