[Mimedefang] specifically excluding a file from filtering

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Mon Jul 1 11:42:14 EDT 2002

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Weyland wrote:

> How can I specifically exclude a file from filtering with MD?
> There is a single file that gets sent out on a regular basis that
> needs to be sent out, but it gets filtered because it is an .exe .
> I don't want to stop filtering .exe's,
> but need this one file to be exempted.
> Clues?
> Weyland

In filter, above the part that calls filter_bad_filename, put something
like this:

  return action_accept() if $fname eq 'filename.ext';

If you don't want to match case on that, change $fname to lc($fname)

Jason Englander
jason at englanders.cc

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