[Mimedefang] Virus or Corrupt?

Steve Ladendorf sladendorf at blakeschool.org
Thu Jan 17 12:00:44 EST 2002

mimedefang at lists.roaringpenguin.com writes:
>I do not use any virus scanners, so I do not know the exit codes.
>If someone would like to post the exit codes for his/her favourite
>scanner which is supported by MIMEDefang, I will alter the code to
>handle them.

Here are the codes for the Kaspersky virus scanner (AVPLinux)

Exit codes
       If  you start AVPLinux from a script file, you may analyse
       its exit code.

       After the task is finished the program returns one of  the
       following values (exit codes) in the low half-byte:

              0 - no viruses detected;

              1 - scanning was interrupted;

              2  - objects containing a modified or damaged virus
              were detected;

              3 - suspicious objects were detected;

              4 - one or more viruses were detected;

              5 - all infected objects are disinfected;

              6 - infected objects are deleted;

              7 - AVPLinux or AVPDaemon files are corrupted.

              8 - files  are  corrupted  or  the  I/O  error  has

       In  the high half-byte the program returns advanced codes.
       These codes are assigned only if  the  program  error  has

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