[Mimedefang] Re: Spam Assassin

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Tue Jan 8 17:35:33 EST 2002

On 4 Jan 2002 at 15:44, Jeff Heinen wrote:

> Below are two procedures, I've only tested the first, as I didn't have time
> to rewrite the filter to test the second (yet). But most, if not all the
> data you would be able to get out if it is in the first one. Also, I have
> added a trimmed version of my filter_begin which I am using this data.

I ran into some problems with 'Fang 2.3 Beta 1 (prior to your 
submission, Jeff) and after a bit of reasearch (the 
Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgStatus man page) I found the 
$status->finish() call.  I put it in David's spam_assassin_is_spam 
function, just prior to the return call, and it seemed to eliminate 
my problem.  Would it be useful to add this to your functions as 

> What I'm looking for now is a way to carry the $report into the top of the
> message. I could add it via append_boilerplate, but would the variables I
> set in filter_begin ($is_spam and $report) carry to filter_end? Plus, if its
> spam, I want the explanation of why I think is spam right at the top.

What would be the impact of making these global variables (similar to 
$VirusScannerMessages) within mimedefang.pl?

> The other thing I'm looking for is ways to manage per-user differences. For
> example, I want to tag all mail, except for those heading to my pager which
> I want to deny everything that is close to spam. Custom SA configurations,
> or filter scripting are both acceptable I'm just wondering if someone has a
> nice generic way that would be easy to adapt as we add more aliases.

How much access is there to sendmail variables, etc. within a milter 
script?  Is there any way to leverage the sendmail internal map 
files?  I'm thinking specifically of the FEATURE(delay_checks) stuff 
which results in /etc/mail/access.db lookups for "SPAMFRIEND" or 
"SPAMHATER" values.  I use this for turning RBL checks on and off for 
particular users, and it would be handy to add/edit users in only one 
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