[Mimedefang] 2.2 Mutiplexor not plexing

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Tue Jan 8 15:19:09 EST 2002

At 02:39 PM 1/8/2002 -0500, David F. Skoll wrote:
>> I've been running mimedefang 2.1 for 3 weeks.  Today I tried
>> updating to 2.2, but had to back out the update.  The
>> mimedefang-multiplexor was not multiplexing correctly, or fast
>> enough.
>Were you using the multiplexor with 2.1, and if so, was it working?

Yes and yes.  In fact, without the multiplexor it's doubtful mimedefang
could have kept up with the load.

>Flooding the multiplexor with tons of e-mail could result in the almost-
>simultaneous launch of many Perl processes, which could certainly
>cause trouble.  But I've never seen the exact symptoms you describe.

Same test with version 2.1 works fine.  The "flooding test" is pretty
much business as usual for our mail server.  I've not seen any problem
with mimedefang-multiplexor starting new perl processes prior to the
attempt to upgrade to 2.2.  As I said, it looks as though a signal is
being sent back that no processes are available, although there is no
error message and many fewer than maxSlaves processes running.


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