[Mimedefang] VirusScan Exit Codes

Anthony Giggins agiggins at bigpond.net.au
Mon Jan 14 15:23:21 EST 2002

Code    Description
         0      VirusScan  found  no  viruses  and  returned  no

         2      Driver integrity check failed.

         6      A general problem occurred.
         8      Could not find a driver.

        12      The scanner tried to clean a file,
                and that clean failed for some reason
                and the file is still infected.

        13      One or more viruses or hostile objects
                (such as a Trojan horse, joke, or a test file)
                were found.
        15      VirusScans self-check failed; it may be
                infected or damaged.
        19      The scanner succeeded in cleaning all
                infected files.

       102      The user quit using the --exit-on-error option.
                This code is given when the scan operation
                encounters an unexpected condition; for example,
                if it cannot open a file or runs out of available
                memory. The program exits immediately and does
                not finish the scan operation. This code
                occurs only if you specified the --exit-on-error
       		option when you started VirusScan. If you did
                not specify that option, exit code 6 is returned.

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