[Mimedefang] SpamAssassin problems with attachments

Michael McCarthy m.mccarthy at psy.uq.edu.au
Mon Jan 7 20:56:58 EST 2002

Has anyone else experienced problems with spam_assassin_is_spam() on 
messages with large attachments?

Currently running Solaris 8, sendmail 8.11.6,  mimedefang 2.3-BETA-1 and 
out-of-the-box SpamAssassin (but without Net::DNS since this has 
disappeared from CPAN).

filter_begin is just as per David's sample code :

if (spam_assassin_is_spam()) {
        action_add_header("X-Spam-Warning", "SpamAssassin says 
this  message is SPAM");

It seems to work fine on most mail including genuine spam, but it spits the 
dummy on messages with large (say > 1 MB) attachments. Log shows 
corresponding errors like

mimedefang[7417] : Error from multiplexor : ERR Filter timed out

The smtp server returns a "please try again later" error to the client ..

Anyone have any clues on how to fix this? Running spamassassin from the 
command line on such messages only takes a second or so ....

Michael McCarthy
IT Manager
School of Psychology
The University of Queensland
+617 3365 6687

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