[Mimedefang] Limit SpamAssassin Reporting?

Brett M. Mullins brett at jesinc.net
Tue Dec 24 12:35:01 EST 2002

Does anyone know if its possible to limit SA reporting to just one
domain?  Or even just one address?

Right now I'm attaching all SA reports into the headers, regardless of
whether it's actually spam.  I could limit this based on the score, but
I'm much more interested in always attaching the SA report to just one
address - that way I'm not cluttering everyone's headers with report
text, just the one address I'm interested in.  For testing purposes,

It ordinarily wouldn't matter, except that we have some users who's
email (Eudora) by default displays the extra header text, and have
complained about all the extra reporting spam in their non-spam emails.

Brett Mullins
Systems Engineer, JES,Inc.
brett at jesinc.net

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