[Mimedefang] double virus check?

Charles Mount cmount at csc.com
Thu Dec 19 12:06:01 EST 2002

I am running mailhubs with sendmail-switch plus the miltered version of
TrendMicro VirusWall on Solaris8.   When I try to add MimeDefang, it also
tries to call the Trend virus program.  The line from /var/log/syslog is:

Dec 18 15:39:53 uusnwa0a mimedefang.pl[29927]: run_virus_scanner: Unable to
execute /etc/iscan/vscan -a Work/msg-29927-1.txt 2>&1: Permission denied

I need to stop MimeDefang from trying to make this call.   My intention is
to use MimeDefang to call SpamAssassin and remove most SPAM before doing
the virus scan.   I want to remove the most obvious SPAM and tag the
subject line for the borderline SPAM.   The target users are using
Exchange/Outlook and can use the subject line tag with the inbox rule
wizard to place the messages in their JunkMail folder.    This should solve
some of the false positive concerns.


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