[Mimedefang] Re: OT: Sendmail Startup Script Question

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Dec 19 11:51:01 EST 2002

John Rowan Littell wrote:

>Note that on RedHat 7.3, it looks to me like the daemon() function in
>startup scripts (/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions) will normally refuse to
>start two instances of a program.  The reason Ashley's script works,
>it appears, is because sendmail doesn't have the privs to write a
>/var/run/sendmail.pid file, so the second daemon() call for sendmail
>succeeds -- daemon() checks to see if the process is running only by
>looking for /var/run/${base}.pid and not by using pidof (like
>killproc() does).
    Hmm, yes and no.  The daemon() function will check for $base.pid, 
where $base is the program being started, and in this case it's 
'sendmail'.   A stock RH machine will create the sendmail.pid file, 
which will make your statement true - if upon calling daemon() again, it 
finds that pid file, it will refuse to start a second instance of 
sendmail.  On that same token, when shutting down, /var/run/sendmail.pid 
only contains one pid, for one process, so it never kills both the MTA 
as well as the MSP.

    In my case, I don't let it create a 'sendmail.pid' file, instead I 
create an sm-mta.pid file (specified in my sendmail.cf).  Consequently, 
if I wanted to call daemon() more than once, I can, but then I would 
still be faced with the problem of the pid file only containing one pid. 
 Once again, I specify a separate pid file for the MSP process.  But 
wait, the smmsp user doesn't have enough privileges to write to 
/var/run/ so it would fail to write it's own pid file.  Scripting to the 
rescue - I manually touch that sm-msp.pid file, and chown it to 
smmsp.smmsp just prior to starting up the queue process.  This way it 
can write to it one it starts up.  Now I have full control over both 
processes, I have two separate pid files, and I can kill them both 
without any problem..

    Now, when stopping the service, if you notice, I only call 
killproc() once.  That's because the initial test for the $base.pid 
fails (after al, it's expecting sendmail.pid - which doesn't exist).  So 
it continues on to the next step, which is checking actual processes:

    pidof -o $$ -o $PPID -o %PPID -x ${base}

    This piece (in /etc/init.d/functions) will find both running pids 
for sendmail and will successfully kill both processes for me, without 
having to call killproc() twice.

    Hope this helps.

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