[Mimedefang] Blacklist vs Access_db

Mycrom defang at mycrom.net
Wed Dec 11 09:48:01 EST 2002

Spamassassin can only view and evaluate your headder "From" address as it
just scannes the message body (The one you see in your e-mail client when
you open the message). Only the MTA's in message transmission keep track of
the real envelope "From" address.


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> Hello everyone,
> I have what should be a quick and easy one.  Adding items to the
> access_db file allows sendmail to block messages based on the last relay
> and actual To:/From: (if you use the Blacklist Feature).  SpamAssassin's
> Blacklist From feature actually blocks on the envelope "From", right?
> My goal is to use blacklist_from to stop spammers that use an
> elevated MX record selection to route through my ISP instead of my primary
> MX at our premises.  Sendmail can't seem to help me there.  Is the
> "From", what shows up in my mail client, what SpamAssassin blocks/filters
> on?
> Cheers,
> Stefano
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